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Regional WUA-to-WUA Knowledge Sharing Workshop in Yemen

The Water and Environmental Center – Sana’a University in collaboration with the spate irrigation project has organized the Regional WUA-to-WUA Knowledge Sharing Workshop during the period 24 – 28 November 2013.

The main goal was to exchange experience between the successful Water User Associations of the spate irrigation schemes in the region. The workshop was mainly attended by Water User Associations’ representatives from Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen.

Eng. Ahmed M. Ali Abu Sin has guided the Sudanese team in this workshop and he has enlightened the attendants about the Sudanese experience in spate irrigation schemes in the Gash, Toker and Abu Habil. The workshop was a good opportunity to share experience and for knowledge dissemination with the participants from the other two countries. The participants have conducted several field visits to Yemeni spate irrigation schemes, where they closely observed the Yemeni experience on the ground.

refresher course

Revisiting Water Management in Irrigation Systems in Sub-Saharan
and Constraints for Productivity Increase

6- 10 Oct. 2013, Hydraulics Research Center - SUDAN

This refresher course was conducted at the Hydraulics Research
Center (Sudan) in collaboration with the UNESCO-IHE. It aimed to highlight
opportunities and constraints for improving productivity in irrigated
agriculture with emphasis on water management.

Twenty one participants coming from 12 African, Arabic and Asian
countries attended the course. click here




The annual meeting of the Spate Irrigation for Rural Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation was held at Sana’a -Yemen  during the period 15-19 June 2013.  Spate irrigation experts from spate irrigation countries: Sudan, Yemen, and Ethiopia and from UNESCO-IHE and metameta were participted in the meeting. Prof Yasir A. Mohamed, the director General of the Hydraulics Research Center and the supervisor of  Sudan spate irrigation project, was representing Sudan spate irrigation project. The meeting discusses projects progress, including research outputs, and plans for the year 2013. Participants have the chance to visit Yemen spate irrigation projects.    

مؤتمر الأفاق الجديدة لحوض النيل

لقد تم عقد المؤتمر العالمي حول بحوث النيل الشرقي في الفترة من  6- 8 مايو 2013م بفندق القراند هوليدي بالخرطوم - السودان.

وكان المؤتمر برعاية وزارة الموارد المالية والكهرباء مركز البحوث الهيدروليكية وبمشاركة العديد من الجهات مثل: معهد ال ( UNESCO-IHE )، جامعة الخرطوم، جامعة أديس أبابا وآخرين لمزيد من التفاصيل أنقر هنا  


Announcement of the refresher course at HRC, Wad Medani, 6-10 October 2013

The Hydraulics Research Center (HRC, Sudan) is pleased to host the Regional Refresher Course on “Revisiting Water Management in Irrigation Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities and Constraints for Productivity Increase". The refresher course is conducted in collaboration with the UNESCO-IHE (The Netherlands) in the period 6-10 October 2013. For more information, please visit the following link: